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Photo Station

If you’re looking for a fun activity or a souvenir gift for your company gathering, then photos are probably already on your list.  When budget and/or space are an overriding concern, a self-service Photo Booth may be your only option.  For larger gatherings where the guest experience and quality of the gift are a priority, a full-service Photo Station will provide better results.

Photo Booth

Photo Station

Self service (Attendant) Full service (Photographer, Printer, and Host assistant)
6x10 Footprint 12x20 Footprint
Private experience Public experience
1-4 People per session 1-10+ People per session
Single fabric backdrop Selection of GreenScreen digital backgrounds; some interactive
Cheesy props Classy props
About 45 sessions/hour capacity Over 100 sessions/hour capacity with hundreds of prints
Small thumbnails on 2x4 strips Full size prints in sleeves or card-stock frames
Shared prints (2 strips/session) Each guest can receive their own print from each session
Unlimited 2x4 print strips Unlimited 4x4 or 4x6 standard with larger prints available
$1,000 for up to 4 hours Flexible packages starting at $999

All of our PhotoStation packages include these key ingredients:

  • Professional and friendly staff with pro gear expertly host and immortalize your guests
  • 3 Licensed Backgrounds range from traditional to comical
  • Event specific props give your guests permission to have fun
  • Unlimited Sessions allow guests to pose as often as they like, with center-stage fun for everyone
  • Online Gallery with free downloads and full usage rights gives everyone direct access to their images

Our budget-conscious Gallery Package provides unlimited sessions and digital files.  Guests choose their favorite digital background, pose with fun props, and then receive an address card that directs them where to go online to view all images and easily download web-optimized files for free. (Packages start at $999 for up to 2 hours).

Our popular Prints Package includes the Gallery Package above, plus super-fast onsite prints. Guests can pose in as many sessions as they like and redeem their photo-ticket for a print of their favorite. Or, create boundless fun with unlimited prints and we’ll make a print for each person in each session (age 12+).

Single Prints packages start at $1197 four up to 2 hours.

Unlimited Prints packages start at $1098 for up to 1 hour.

When the guest experience is top priority, Pixel Photography is here to help make this your most memorable event ever. Please call or email for a custom quote.

Gordon Murray, Pixel Photography Flash@PixelPV.com  480-205-9691