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$29 Headshots Sale



  1. Portrait Photographer with pro gear for top quality, and expert posing tips for happy campers

  2. Amazing Digital Retouching takes off 5-10 years

  3. High-Resolution Files with full usage rights, optimized for both print and web

The Fine Print: sale rates are $29/session (reg. $39+), with quantity discounts available for over 40 sessions. 10 session minimum, and up to 20 sessions scheduled per hour.  Each 3-minute session includes 6-12 shots of a single wardrobe selection, and we objectively select one pose for retouching. Retouched files are delivered via Dropbox in 2—3 days. Sale rates are limited to the Phoenix metro area, and subject to availability.  




The Whole Story:

Creating an effective Headshot takes the right tools and some real people skills. For your convenience, we come to you - setting up our portable studio in your conference room, an open office or other available space in about 40 minutes.  Our amiable Photographer warmly greets each person to help them relax, then suggests posing tips for the most flattering results. We use a high-resolution camera system with a specialty portrait lens that doesn’t add 15 pounds. Our three-instrument studio lighting array sculpts the light, and our popular mottled gray fabric backdrop goes well with any complexion and wardrobe color. And our optional Confidence Monitor system allows the subjects to review their pose in real time, make any necessary adjustments, and then toggle between shots to choose their own favorite image for retouching. No more waiting for proofs, or settling for someone else’s selection.

Image Processing of the selected file includes an industry-standard crop of 5x7 @ 300 dpi for consistent head size between subjects, and renaming the file with the subject’s name to ensure proper identification. Our amazing Digital Retouching erases fly-away hairs, softens blemishes and wrinkles, whitens eyes and teeth, and subtly re-sculpts the face to be slightly more symmetrical. We optimize the file for both print and web, and deliver it in three formats (.tiff, .gif and .jpg) with full usage rights via DropBox within 2 – 3 days.  

Options include a black, white or gray seamless backdrop (no charge, but must be requested in advance), retouching of an additional file with same wardrobe ($10), Online Gallery for subjects to select favorite pose ($50), Confidence Monitor ($50/hour), and Archive disk with all 6-12 originals ($49/subject).  Group photos are $50 extra, and should be requested in advance - so we can bring a wide enough backdrop.